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Water Penetration and How to Waterproof Your Home

If you live in an area that gets an ample amount of rain and snow, chances are, you will come across many issues caused by water penetration, such as flooding or damp basements, garages, and other lower-level rooms, water stains on walls, and mold.


Unfortunately, water penetration is one of the most common and serious issues a homeowner can face, and can be caused by many different reasons, such as:

  1. Cracks in the foundation where ground water can enter
  2. Gaps or unsealed doors or windows that allow water to enter
  3. Lack of gutters and downspouts to properly run water away from the home
  4. Improperly maintained gutters or downspouts that overflow
  5. Foundation settlement or poor grading around a foundation
  6. Clogged drains
  7. Deteriorated façade or roof coverings

To properly combat and prevent water penetration, there are many ways to waterproof your home with the help of a licensed and insured professional contractor:

  1. Seal foundation slab and wall cracks
  2. Install weather stripping to doors and windows
  3. Add, repair, or modify gutters and downspouts
  4. Install downspout extensions
  5. Design and install a swale for the appropriate volume of water
  6. Design and install a perimeter drain system
  7. Install a sump pump system with a batter back-up
  8. Design and install a French drain

It is not recommended to try to repair or modify your home unless you are properly trained with the proper equipment and materials. Serious personal injury, death, and damage to the structure itself can result if equipment is used improperly or if improper modifications are made.

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