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Dave was great!

Dave Dingeman was great. He came all the way to Stafford, he was very knowledgeable and was willing to share his expertise. He made made some repair recommendations and he would not take payment for his time, which was highly valuable to us. I would recommend Deska any time.

Paul Nightingale
March 2, 2023

I could not be happier

I could not be happier with the work Deska performed.

Once I became aware of a moisture problem in my basement, I reached out to several waterproofing companies, including Deska. Pat Donnelly was my point of contact during the estimate phase of the job and he was professional, transparent, trustworthy, and straightforward. He provided a thorough and fair proposal that we accepted.

The job was performed by Mohamed and his crew. Mohamed did an excellent job of updating me on a daily basis about the job progress. He and his team were on time, organized, and very clean. They coordinated with other people as needed, such as the electrician and inspector. I completely trusted them to get the job done well.

Everyone at Deska did a great job of coordinating the details and performing the work exactly as described. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of waterproofing or foundation services. Based on their good work, I don’t think I’ll need them again!

Michael Daniels
February 22, 2023

Driveway Concrete Lifting

Deska Services repaired portions of our cement driveway that had sunk approximately three inches. David provided a reasonable estimate, compared to other companies, and was very knowledgeable. On the date of the repairs, Raul and his crew worked hard and completed the repairs within a few hours. All in all, the cost was fair and the repair work was excellent.

Wayne Koka
January 31, 2023

Engineering Services

I had a very good experience with this company. We had an engineer come out and he was very knowledgeable and wrote a report and made some repair recommendations. We used them to do the work and I was very pleased with the completed project!

Gina M
October 11, 2021

Epoxy Injection

I had a leaking crack in my foundation that they epoxy injected. I was pleased with the service and I haven’t had any issues since!
Coignez S
June 15, 2021


We’ve used Deska several times and the past and they’ve always been great!
Janice M
December 1, 2019

Basement Waterproofing

We were very pleased with Deska. Our foundation walls were cracked really badly. The engineer tested the walls and showed me that there was actually water coming through the walls at some areas and this was part of the problem. We ended up having the walls epoxy injected along with a drainage system and sump pump. We were lucky that we were able to be proactive to address the problem, if we left the issue as-is it would have likely caused severe damage in the future. All in all, they did an excellent job and cost less than my other estimate!
John G
August 5, 2019

Foundation Repair

Our home inspector found several issues with our foundation so he referred us to them. An engineer came out to look at the problems and provided us a report of the issues along with recommendations. We also used them to do the work which was nice and I didn’t have to worry about searching for another company and they did an excellent job!
Andrew H
April 18, 2019


Our realtor recommended Deska. We had an engineering inspection done and we needed to seal the cracks with epoxy and install a drain system/pump. They offered a lifetime warranty on the drain system so I am one happy camper!
Matthew N
January 7, 2019

Foundation Repair

I’ve used Deska several times over the years for foundation repair and waterproofing issues and they have always been very honest and helpful! Good contractors are hard to find and they are truly a professional company!
Maria C
June 17, 2018

Working with Deska

I had an excellent experience working with Deska.
Kevin W
March 11, 2018

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