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Egress Windows

At Deska Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing, our experts can install egress window systems to beautify and brighten your basement while meeting safety and code protocols. Egress windows are large openings in your lower level, providing a secondary exit and extra natural sunlight. Deska can install the safe, no maintenance, and durable egress windows for our customers.

Egress Windows Safety Features

Installation in your basement meet safety and code regulations to ensure your lower level is a livable and usable space. The larger windows provide a secondary exit in case of a fire in your home. Basement bedrooms and living spaces require an escape for occupants during a fire. The escape option is known as an Emergency Escape and Rescue Opening, or “EERO.” The EERO must be located within the room planned to be a bedroom, and your municipality typically requires a building permit to install an EERO. Residents of the house can exit the property from these windows, and first responders can enter the structure from the egress windows. Deska Services gives your family peace of mind installing egress windows because of their safety features.

Egress Window
Egress Window
Basement Egress Window

Egress Window Well Requirements

  • There are typically minimum requirements an EERO must meet to allow a legally recognized below-grade bedroom as follows:
  • The opening of the window must be a minimum of 5.7 square feet for below-grade levels.
  • The opening of the window must be a minimum of 20 inches wide and 24 inches in height.
  • The windowsill must be 44 inches or less from the finished floor.
  • The window well must have a minimum interior footprint of 9 square feet with a minimum width and projection measurements of 36 inches in each direction.
  • For window wells deeper than 44 inches below-grade, the window well must have a permanently attached ladder or staircase.
  • An easily opened window well cover must be installed to prevent pedestrians from falling into the window well.

Building code requirements vary by location and municipality, so you must discuss with your local building inspector questions regarding code requirements in your area. You are responsible for abiding by all applicable building codes in your area.

Benefits of Egress Windows

Egress windows are a great addition to your basement. Deska Services installs egress window systems for our customers because of the various benefits.

  • Natural Sunlight
    • The larger window openings allow for more sunlight to reach your basement. The extra light makes your space appear brighter, more open feel and creates a comfortable ambiance.
  • Safety Features
    • Basement bedrooms require egress windows as a secondary exit in case of an emergency. The larger openings are beneficial in basements for individuals to exit and first responders to enter in a fire or other emergency.
  • No Maintenance
    • After your Deska Service Specialist installs the egress window for you, there is little to no maintenance required. The high-quality construction features durable, UV-protected polyethylene. Egress windows can withstand extreme weather conditions and do not easily rust, crack, or fade.

Egress Windows Installation

We recommend our customers install egress windows in their basements. Our specialists have the expertise and training to effectively and efficiently install the windows to your home. Because of the safety features, additional sunlight, and no maintenance, egress window systems are an important feature to add to your space. Contact us today to learn more and begin the installation process.

Egress Window Installation Gallery

Egress Window Well Installation Precautions

It is imperative that an egress window well is installed properly by an experienced professional due to, but not limited to, the factors listed below:
  • Structural Integrity – When cutting an opening in a foundation wall or widening an existing window, the structure above must remain temporarily supported during the installation. Additionally, the proper permanent structural supports are installed to support the floor structure above, the exterior wall above, the roof above, etc. This typically requires a structural engineer to verify the loads and supports.
  • Drainage – Egress window wells, if not installed with the appropriate drainage precautions, are notorious for causing water intrusion issues. A drain must be installed at the bottom of the egress window well that connects to a functioning foundation drain or a sump pump. Failure to do so may cause the window well to fill up with water and flood the basement.

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