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Types of Windows

Imagine this: you come home from work tired, cold, and ready to relax in the warmth of your home. You step inside your door, close it, and notice that the inside of your house is just as cold as it was outside. You think to yourself, how is that possible? Your windows were just recently sealed. But, you realize, your windows are incredibly old, so maybe it’s time to get new, more efficient windows altogether.

Before searching, understand that there are many different types of windows to choose from for all types of specific functions and personal preferences. Here’s a helpful guide with some window basics:

  1. Stationary Windows – Stationary windows are windows that are unable to open; however, they provide an air-tight seal and are easily customizable and can take any shape and size the homeowner desires. They can be placed in any room of the house. Prices vary based on the need for customization, size, and material, but are typically less expensive relative to more functional windows.
  2. Architectural Windows – Multi-dimensional windows customized for the homeowner’s creative preference. Usually large in size and can be made into any geometric shape. This type of window gives homes that extra modern flair. More on the expensive side due to the customization and consulting with a contractor for possible design options to make sure the window compliments both the interior and the exterior of the home.
  3. Awning & Casing Windows – Windows that open outwards and allow air to circulate into the home. When closed, these windows are sturdy and provide protection from the elements. The only differences between them is that awning windows are hinged at the top and casing windows are hinged from the side. Appearance-wise, they are simple, yet elegant. Prices vary based on size and material.
  4. Bay & Bow Windows – These windows give homes a cozy, attractive, elongated appearance by coming out of the exterior, allowing more interior space. Bay and bow windows are similar, except bay windows are a compilation of at least three windows while bow windows have four or more windows. A bit expensive, but prices can vary based on number of windows, size, and material.
  5. Double-Hung Windows – Generally the most common type of windows around, and the definition of classic with their typical rectangular or square shape. Double-hung windows are extremely long-lasting, require little to no maintenance, and can be placed almost anywhere within a home. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. Since double-hung windows are seen in most homes, they lean towards the affordable price range.
  6. Garden Windows – Shelved windows made suitable for people who enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature. Garden windows brighten rooms with their ability to house plants on their shelves and are designed to be mini greenhouses to keep plants alive. Also fairly common in most homes. Prices vary based on size and material.
  7. Picture Windows – Typically large, floor-to-ceiling windows that allow the most amount of sunlight, as well breathtaking views of the world outside the home. Picture windows can be placed in different rooms around the home, but they’re frequently placed in the living room area to give the house a more modern design. All picture windows are stationary and are made to be very durable. They are more expensive than the average window due to design, size, and material.
  8. Skylights – Skylights are a great investment for those who enjoy natural lighting and a great view of the sky, night or day, directly from the ceiling. These windows, commonly installed in roofs, give houses a polished, yet homely, atmosphere. They can be made into any size and shape based on the roof structure needs of the homeowner. Prices vary based on the need for customization, size, and material.
  9. Sliding/Slider Windows – For fast and easy air ventilation, many homeowners prefer sliding, or slider, windows because, like their name implies, they easily slide open horizontally with little effort. They consist of a large frame bordering two windows that can slide over one another and are very common in contemporary homes. Prices vary based on the need for customization, size, and material.
  10. Transom Windows – Transom windows are commonly small or narrow because they are frequently placed over doors or larger windows to add physical appeal. They are typically stationary, although they can be made to have the ability to open for more ventilation. Though generally more affordable than all other windows, prices can vary based on size and material.

Now that you know more about the different types of windows, it’s time for you to get started on your own search with these endless possibilities. For help in deciding what’s best for your home, please give us a call at (703) 457-6540 or fill out the contact form for a free consultation!

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