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The Importance of Energy-Efficient Windows

Have you ever stepped inside a house without windows? Probably not. That’s because windows are an integral component of a house, offering warmth, ventilation, and a naturally well-lit, inviting home. However, poorly constructed or improperly installed windows can lead to high energy costs, so it’s important to understand the relationship between most energy-efficient windows an lower energy costs to create a better home environment for you.

Window Terms

In order to know how to choose the best energy-efficient windows, you must first understand a few terms that will more than likely be on window labels. First off, the term glazing refers to the glass in a window. Next comes gas fills, gas filled in between layers of glazing for better heat insulation, usually argon gas. Then there’s the frame, which borders the windows, seals the glazing, holds them in place, and provides different services based on the material.

Types of Frames and Their Uses

There are different types of frame materials you can use for your windows, but to be able to choose the best one for your home, you should know the functions each type of material provides. Aluminum is more suited against wet and humid climates, for areas prone to hurricanes. Fiberglass is easy to maintain and holds steady, with its slightly steep price as its only downfall. On the other hand, vinyl is less expensive and offers insulated glass and lowers air leakage if well-constructed. Wood is the best choice when it comes to insulation, but can possibly rot in humid climates if not properly cared for. Wood-Clad is fairly popular, being as it consists of an insulating wooden interior encased in an easy-to-maintain aluminum or a vinyl exterior.

Now that you understand more about energy-efficient windows, it’s time for you to take your own personal steps in reducing energy costs and improving the make and atmosphere of your overall home.

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