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Floor joist damage

Damaged floor joists often go unnoticed for years until a floor begins to sag, a pest control inspector observes the issue, or a home inspector flags the damage.  Floor joists can be damaged for a variety of reasons.  Home improvement contractors often unknowingly cut or drill through floor joists causing severe damage.  Pests such as termites or long term water leaks can turn solid structural members to swiss cheese if the root of the problem isn't remedied in a reasonable period of time.

Floor joist repair

Relative to other types of structural or foundation damage, rotted or damaged floor joists are relatively easy and inexpensive to repair.  The most common retrofit for a damage joist or girder is the "sistering" method.  This method involves installing a "sister beam"  alongside the existing deteriorated member for extra strength.

Girder and joist jacks can be installed at specific locations along the structure to support the load.  Once in place, the floor can be secured in place or lifted to bring the floor back to a level position. 

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