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Broken truss

A broken or deteriorated truss member can be very serious issue, even if it's only one member.  Trusses are designed to be incredibly strong by their design of having all members be either in tension or compression.  By allowing none of the truss members to act as beams with any flexural or moment loading, trusses maximize their strength to material ratio.  

The downside of trusses is that because they're so efficiently designed, they are non-redundant structures.  This means that if one member or one joint fails, the entire system will fail.  This is why just one truss issue can be very serious.

Understanding how a truss is signed and functions is important for repairing or retrofitting a truss system.  Considering the complex nature of how truss systems work, it is important that truss systems are designed by professional engineers and are repaired properly by licensed and certified contractors.  Improperly repaired truss systems can result in serious structural and safety issues.

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