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Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethane injection is generally used for foundation cracks and voids behind foundation walls or slabs for the purpose of preventing water intrusion.  The main benefit of polyurethane foam is its ability to be highly expandable within cracks or voids behind walls for waterproofing purposes.  Polyurethane injection is generally not a structural repair like epoxy injection except for with specialized structural polyurethanes in specialized applications.  There are two common types of polyurethanes used in concrete crack repairs and restoration:

Hydrophobic polyurethanes - Hydrophobic polyurethane systems absorb and mix with water as is needed to complete its foaming and curing of the two components.  Hydrophobic systems can expand up to 30 times of its initial volume inside cracks and voids behind walls.  Advanced hydrophobic formulations are flexible and stable, and are suitable for concrete crack repairs.  Hydrophobic polyurethanes bond well to concrete, do not shrink in the absence of water, and can expand enough to economically fill voids.

Hydrophilic polyurethanes - Hydrophilic polyurethane systems are very flexible,highly adhesive, and act like a sponge and will absorb as much water as is available in its surroundings during the foaming process, typically expanding two to four times its original volume.  It reacts with the amount of water needed for reaction and subsequently contains the excess water within its structure, as would a sponge.  In dry circumstances, some, of the excess entrapped moisture can evaporate and result in a shrinking of the foam.  When moisture is again present, the foam can absorb the water and return to its original size sealing the crack.  Hydrophilic polyurethanes are good where there is known or expected movement or water is always present.

Deska Services has licensed professional engineers on staff to properly design, recommend, and/or supervise our polyurethane injection repairs.

Deska Services is a certified Emecole polyurethane injection and epoxy injection contractor.

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