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Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection is a structural repair method for cracks, delamination, and/or spalls in concrete foundation walls, footers, and slabs.  This method of repair involves sealing the exterior of a crack with a surface seal with attached ports and then injecting the specific viscosity and strength epoxy for the project at hand.  The procedure structurally bonds concrete back together, stopping water intrusion, and stabilizes cracks and delamination.  Epoxy injection is utilized for repairing dams, bridges, nuclear plants, aqueducts, tunnels, buildings, and foundations worldwide.  Epoxy injection differs from that of polyurethane injection in that the purpose of epoxy injection focuses on a structural repair as opposed to solely resolving water intrusion issues.

Epoxy injection is designed for use by specialty contractors for structural concrete restoration.  Epoxy injection provides a permanent solution and typically restores the affected concrete area to stronger than its original design strength.

Deska Services has licensed professional engineers on staff to properly design, recommend, and/or supervise our epoxy injection repairs.

Deska Services is a certified Emecole epoxy injection contractor.

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