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Areaway egress 

An areaway egress is a style of entrance or exit typically from a basement where the house was not originally constructed for the opening.  Installing an areaway egress is popular for homeowners who want to make their backyard more functional, increase the usefulness of their basement, or just add an additional fire escape.

By adding an areaway egress, your basement becomes much more versatile this allows an additional bedroom to be added, therefore increasing the value of your home.  The areaway egress can also allow your backyard to be more functional by conveniently allowing easy access from your basement to the backyard for entertainment purposes or for the purpose of renting out the basement and not having your lower tenant consistently traveling through your upper portions of the house.

Areaway egresses are similar to window well egresses in that they allow escape and the ability to create livable finished space, however areaway egresses are more functional due to their shape, size, and steepness.  

Areaway egresses are similar to egress walkouts in every way except that areaway egresses are designed with a staircase and retaining walls whereas an egress walkout involves walking directly out level from your basement.  Your landscaping, topography, and other lot factors generally dictate which egress system is economical or functional. 

Considering that egress systems can involve heavy excavation and structural alteration, it is important that egress systems are installed properly by licensed and certified contractors.  Improperly installed egress systems can result in basement leaks, serious foundation damage, structural damage, and severe safety issues.

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