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Floor cracks 

Cracks are not an unusual sight in most homes.  There are many factors that can cause cracks to appear, expansion or contraction of the structure, poor initial workmanship, to a shifting of the foundation.  Cracks can be completely harmless (aesthetic) or cracks can mean a serious issue is present.  A crack is generally a symptom or problem sign of a larger root issue, so you'll need to investigate and find out the underlying issue that's causing the cracks.

Foundation floors are rarely structural because they are generally poured after the foundation footers and foundation walls have been formed and poured. 

There are generally three reasons why foundation floor cracks may develop

  • The concrete slab was originally poured too thin or the concrete has dried out, causing the concrete to be brittle and susceptible to cracking.
  • The soil below the foundation slab was inadequately compacted before the concrete slab was poured.
  • Differential settlement or heaving of the foundation footers has caused an area of slab to no longer bear on the footer.

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