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As a homeowner, you already know that many things can go wrong within your home and that it’s not always easy to spot any underlying issues.  For example, the issue of a foundation settlement often goes unnoticed because it happens gradually.  But what exactly is foundation settlement?

Simply put, foundation settlement is the term used to describe a building or house that has gradually sunken lower into the ground below where it was originally constructed.  When this happens, your home can suffer a multitude of structural damage, and at worst, could possibly even collapse.

Differential settlement - Foundation settlement doesn’t always take place at the same time throughout the home.  When different areas of the foundation settle at different rates, this process is called differential settlement.

Uniform settlement - Conversely, when settlement throughout the building or home happens simultaneously, this process is called uniform settlement.

Repairing or mitigating foundation settlement yourself is not recommended due to the importance and difficulty of the task.  If you find that you have foundation settlement issues, it is recommended that you contact a reputable contractor that specializes in foundation settlement issues and with a professional engineering background.

Deska Services has professional engineers on staff for the specialized expertise required when it matters most.

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