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Muddy or soggy lawn?  Ponding of water?  Water in your basement?  Mold or mildew issues? 

Whether it’s a continuously muddy lawn, ponding of water, water in your basement, or just a noticeable issue, let the professionals at Deska Services guide you through the process towards the ideal and cost effective solution.

Drainage system failure:

Drainage systems can fail for  many reasons and this doesn’t always result in a sudden failure or cease in function.  Often a failing drainage system provides many signs of deterioration or warning signs long before a total failure.  Here a few reasons why and warning signs of failing drainage systems:

  • System design errors
  • Improper construction practices
  • Improper materials
  • Foundation issues
  • Deteriorated materials
  • Lack of maintenance

Warning signs of failure:

  • Water intrusion
  • Water ponding around system
  • Low flow at drain output
  • Erosion of backfill
  • Undermining around foundations

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