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Sump pump systems design and installation - Sump pumps are designed to eject water from around and below your foundation to the exterior and away from the foundation.  When sump pumps fail or aren't functioning properly they can lead to a variety of problem signs including foundation settlement, water on the floor, walls, and mold in your basement.

Sump pump system design - Sump pump systems should be designed by an engineer per the manufacturers ratings and recommendations and must be installed per their respective manufacturer's recommendations, including the installation of a check valve to prevent backflow, installation of air relief valves, sump crock conditions, and with properly sized and oriented discharge piping.

Clogged or frozen discharge - Due to poor maintenance habits or an improperly designed drainage system, sump pump ejection pipes can become clogged or frozen, preventing discharge of the system.  Sump pump discharge lines must be properly designed, installed, and maintained to prevent failure of the system.  

Sump pump maintenance - Sump pump manufacturers generally recommend sump pumps be inspected every year for proper function and maintenance performed as necessary.  The sump crock should be clear of debris and the discharge pipes should be inspected and cleared for proper flow.  Sump pumps with battery back-up systems should have their batteries replaced every 2-3 years.

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