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Water stains - While not every water stain is a serious issue, it is important to understand that there are different types of stains and each have their respective diagnosis and solution.  Water stains can result from rust stains, dark mold stains, and efflorescence.  While these different types of stains tell us different things, the common culprit is water intrusion. 

Wet walls and floor - Wet walls in your basement or crawl space are generally a sign of foundation water intrusion from a crack in the foundation wall and possible waterproofing system issues.  There are several different repair solutions depending on the diagnosis of whether the root of the problem is a foundation issue or a waterproofing issue, or both.

Efflorescence - Efflorescence is the migration of a salt to the surface of the concrete where it forms a coating.  The process involves the dissolving of an internal salt in the concrete in water.  The water migrates to the surface and evaporates, leaving behind a coating of salt.  Efflorescence on concrete walls is a sign that water is entering the walls and will cause further deterioration of the concrete and steel reinforcement.  Foundation repair along with basement waterproofing is generally warranted.

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